PLS / OHS :: SEMINARS :: C. Infection Control Practices for Dental Assistants: A guide to prepare for the DANB ICE exam (Wednesday, 2/28/18)

C. Infection Control Practices for Dental Assistants: A guide to prepare for the DANB ICE exam (Wednesday, 2/28/18)

C. Infection Control Practices for Dental Assistants: A guide to prepare for the DANB ICE exam (Wednesday, 2/28/18)

C. Infection Control Practices for Dental Assistants: A guide to prepare for the DANB ICE exam (Wednesday, 2/28/18)
This comprehensive review for dental assistants serves to familiarize participants with the requirements for the Dental Assisting National Board's Infection Control Examination (ICE). The Dental Assistant must apply to to schedule the ICE exam. The approval expires 60 days from the date of application.

An interactive presentation will provide insight into recommendations for healthcare workers to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for patients and providers in the dental setting.  Topics presented will address critical information and current practices for all dental assistants (or auxiliary personnel) required by the State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health for infection control.  The course includes test taking tips and practice.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this program participants will:

Ø Identify regulations required by OSHA.
Ø Implement the current CDC and ADA infection control guidelines into a dental setting.
Ø Describe the modes of disease transmission, infectious disease and their relationship to patients and providers.
Ø Identify risk factors involved when working with bloodborne pathogens.
Ø Recognize potential risk factors and discuss prevention of HAV, HBV, HCV, HIV, and TB.
Ø List the components and proper selection of Personal Protective Equipment necessary for Standard Precautions.
Ø Identify steps necessary to achieve proficient hand hygiene.
Ø Choose an effective way to implement work practice and engineering controls.
Ø List the proper steps for reporting and recording exposure to Bloodborne pathogens and needle stick injuries by following a post exposure control plan protocol.
Ø Identify proper and effective use of surface disinfectants and barriers.
Ø Implement steps recommended for effective pre-cleaning and sterilization of instruments.
Ø Identify the benefits of biological spore testing.
Ø Identify Hazards Communication Standards

IMPORTANT:    CT State Law Mandated Compliance by July 1, 2018: Dental Assistants required to be compliant with ICE certification
                   should contact the Dental Assisting National Board to apply for the ICE exam.

Per ADA CERP guidelines, participants must be aware that there may be potential risks of using limited knowledge when incorporating techniques and procedures into practice when they have not received supervised clinical experience or demonstrate competency in infection control. This course is strictly a guide to prepare for the DANB ICE exam and does not guarantee results.

Cathie Collier, RDH, B.Ed, MS, received her bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene Education from the Fones School at the University of Bridgeport, where she later served as DH Clinical Coordinator. Her recent accomplishment earned her a Masters degree in Health and Healing.

As a national lecturer, she provides training in Occupational Health and Safety, Infection Control, HIPAA Regulations, CPR and Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office. She has assisted numerous dental practices throughout New England with program recommendation and practice compliance. Cathie is a clinical instructor at Lincoln College of Dental Hygiene and also serves on faculty at the Emergency Care Institute at Bridgeport Hospital and on the PLS Advisory Board.

Cathie presents continuing education courses to dental offices and study clubs through Professional Learning Services.  For  information, contact Joyce Turcotte RDH, M.Ed.,
Disclosure: The speaker has nothing to disclose

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Target Audience Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Dentists
Day Wednesday
Date February 28, 2018
Time 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (8:30 check in; light breakfast and lunch provided)
Location Schein Dental, 101 N. Industrial Plains Rd.; Harvest Business Park, bldg #3, Unit D
City Wallingford, CT
Teaching Method Lecture
Tuition: $135.00

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